So you are interested in teaching outside the box?

Here are some questions/suggestions to consider as you begin planning a Signature Experience course:

  • Have you spoken to your department chair about your interest in teaching a Signature Experience course? Consult department leadership to carve out time and effort in your workload.
  • What elements will make your course signature in nature?
  • Considering your course goals and objectives, what will you require of the students?
  • Will students work outside of class? In what capacity?
  • Will specific class time be used? How much time with be set aside for the students to complete the experience? How will time be monitored if required?
  • Map student interest – Who would be interested in participating in this course? Why?
  • What gap in current offerings will be filled?
  • What sort of culminating project will be used? Portfolios? Journals? Reports? Presentation?

Faculty and staff in the Office of Special Programs are available to help you design new signature experience courses and connect you to relevant on- and off-campus resources. Please contact us at or 404-413-2276 for more information.
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