Classroom Stock

For Faculty

Georgia State faculty and staff already offer many Signature Experience courses, such as Special Problems in Art and Design, performance courses in Music, Domestic Field Studies, study abroad trips, internships and clinical rotations, authentic research opportunities, honors thesis research and writing, and public affairs service courses.


Faculty instructors note extraordinary benefits from these courses, including enhanced learning, professional preparation, and heightened job prospects.

“Academically, it helps students to look at the discipline from a different perspective and see cultural differences. Personally, it helps them learn more about their own cultural values and helps them become more independent and flexible.”
Kimberley Lawrence
Coordinator of International Programs, Robinson College of Business

“It also helps students with job prospects and makes them aware of other types of career opportunities.”
Belena Butler
Clinical Instructor, School of Nursing and Health Professions

“Field placements help get our students hired. Many times they are hired in the same schools where they were placed. Sometimes schools hire our master’s students before they actually graduate.”
Tyanne Pethel
Director of the Office of Field Placements, School of Social Work