Grants and Awards

For Faculty: Mini-Grants and Awards

Are you working hard to incorporate hands-on, real-world, exploratory exercises in your courses at Georgia State? This is the approach to student learning that is front and center in the Signature Experience curriculum here at Georgia State.

We appreciate the extra effort required from faculty members who provide innovative opportunities for students in their courses. To recognize and encourage faculty to continue to provide these experiences, both a Signature Experience Teaching Award and a Signature Experience Mini-Grant program have been created.

If you are providing innovative experiences in the classroom, we want to recognize your hard work: Apply for the Signature Experience Teaching Award.

Are you interested in developing or adapting a course to make it a Signature Experience? Apply for the Course Development Mini-Grant.


Signature Experience Course Development Mini-Grants
Deadline: April 15, 2020

This grant is offered as part of the Signature Experience initiative to promote experiential learning opportunities in undergraduate courses at Georgia State University. The goal of the grant is to support faculty efforts to develop or adapt real-world, hands-on, innovative course experiences that address aims such as increasing knowledge and retention, promoting critical thinking and concept application, and developing career-ready skills. The grant can be used to create a new experiential learning course or to enhance an existing course to add an experiential learning component. Several grants are available each year, with a maximum award up to $1,500 per applicant.

Signature Experience Teaching Award
Deadline: April 15, 2020

The Signature Experience Teaching Award recognizes outstanding faculty members who lead undergraduate courses that include experiential learning components through non-traditional course experiences, such as real-world, hands-on exercises or projects that aim to increase content knowledge, promote critical thinking, apply concepts to new problems, and/or develop demonstrable and transferable career skills.

For more grant and award opportunities, check out the Center for Teaching and Learning.