Award and Grant Winners

2018 Signature Experience Mini-Grant and Teaching Award Winners

Dr. Isabelle Monlouis, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Institute – 2018 Teaching Award Winner

Dr. Isabelle Monlouis is a Professor of Practice in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute and an Associate Professor of the H.J. Russell Center for Entrepreneurship. She says, “Students are more likely to learn and engage full out if they have the opportunity to work on something they chose, something they enjoy, something grounded in the expression of their personal values and something which has a high potential payoff. Being a successful entrepreneur requires ‘entrepreneurial grit’, a level of persistence and resilience which students are more likely to exercise, if and when they work on ventures of their own choosing.” In her ENI 3101 course students focus on evidence-based entrepreneurship methods and application of it from idea all the way to business model. As a team, students produce multiple deliverables and over the course of the semester they develop, test and pitch a business concept which could lead to a live venture. Many students in the class have utilized the project as a catalyst to create a venture opportunity.

By using experiential learning in the classroom, Dr. Monlouis offers students real-world experiences that offers student the chance to take an idea and create a potentially viable business model, thereby learning relevant career skills. As one student wrote, “This course has truly shifted the trajectory of my life. Not just the Social Square venture, but more importantly I’ve learned to see the world from a new perspective. Because of your insights and teaching I now have an understanding about what investors and consumers seek in products and services. I’ve become much more critical and conscientious about how to analyze an idea or concept. I’ve also learned how to navigate team dynamics in a much more patient and understanding way.”

Dr. Jason Flato, Perimeter College’s Arts and Humanities – 2018 Mini-Grant Recipient

Dr. Jason Flato is an Associate Professor of Philosophy in Perimeter College’s Arts and Humanities. He plans to incorporate participatory research into PHIL 2030 Ethics course. The course focuses on wicked problems, which are dynamically complex, interdependent, high stakes problems that have no simple or evident definition, and lack an obvious solution. Students will work with community partners, stakeholders and experts to address an interdisciplinary wicked problem. students will read some of the wicked problems scholarship, listen to stories from community members, stakeholders and experts “in the trenches,” if possible, observe these problems first hand, conduct research to explore how their own expertise contributes to a framing of the issue and finally, share insights gained by mapping the dimensions of the issue with the ultimate goal of integration across various perspectives. At the end of the semester, students will present their insights and efforts to the instructor, community members, experts, and stakeholders across the university.

Dr. Jean-Paul Addie and Dr. David Iwaniec, Urban Studies Institute – 2018 Mini-Grant Recipient

Dr. Addie, an Assistant Professor, and Dr. Iwaniec, an Assistant Professor, both in the Urban Studies Institute will co-teach a new course, URB 4097 The Interdiscplinary City. Drawing from urban scholars across GSU, students will train as urban ‘boundary agents’. The core objective of the class is to have students critically examine and apply the differing ways academic and professional disciplines think about the city and contemporary urban issues. Students will be actively involved in building a robust interdisciplinary urban knowledge base and will apply this in practice to a concrete issue. This will be explored in partnership with GSU experts and practitioners based in Atlanta and further afield. students will be exposed to, and engage in, lively academic debate with guest speakers from GSU and the world of professional practice. Hands-on skills training will also be a prominent feature of class time. At the culmination of the course, students will produce professional quality outputs (a research paper, podcast or video blog, and a policy brief) for examining the central theme for an external partner organization.

Dr. Chenyi Zhang, Department of Childhood Education – 2018 Mini-Grant Recipient

Dr. Zhang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Early Childhood Education. He plans to focus on expanding the field work and student teaching opportunities and assignments within her BRFV 4390 Literacy, Language, and Social Studies Method course. In onsite classroom sessions, students will learn a variety of teaching strategies through peer discussions and faculty guided discussions. Students will generate different forms of learning products which include writing reflection of teaching, videotapes of classroom implementation of research-based instruction, classroom activity plans, and presentation of children’s early literacy development. Students will complete a cumulative final project for this course demonstrating their learning progress across the semester.

 2017 Award and Mini-Grant Recipients

Dr. Ashley Holmes, English –  Award Winner

Dr. Christy Visaggi, Geosciences – Award Winner

Dr. Natalie King, Middle and Secondary Education (Science) – Mini-Grant Recipient

Dr. Joan Mutanyatta-Comar, with Dr. Nilmi Fernando and Dr. Keith Pascoe, Chemistry – Mini-Grant Recipient

Dr. Laurah Norton, English – Mini-Grant Recipient

Dr. Paulo Hidalgo-Odio, Geosciences – Mini-Grant Recipient