Interested in developing or adapting a course?

Are you interested in developing or adapting a course to make it a Signature Experience?  We are currently offering a mini-grant for course development!  Applications will be due in March 2020 and information can be found under Grants and Awards in the lefthand menu.

As you prepare to create or adapt a course to include a Signature Experience component, the information found below will help ensure that you consider any potential legal issues or risk, syllabus content, and the approval process for new courses. Click on each title to learn more.

Here are some questions/suggestions to consider as you begin planning a Signature Experience course:

  • Have you spoken to your department chair about your interest in teaching a Signature Experience course? Consult department leadership to carve out time and effort in your workload.
  • What elements will make your course signature in nature?
  • Considering your course goals and objectives, what will you require of the students?
  • Will students work outside of class? In what capacity?
  • Will specific class time be used? How much time with be set aside for the students to complete the experience? How will time be monitored if required?
  • Map student interest – Who would be interested in participating in this course? Why?
  • What gap in current offerings will be filled?
  • What sort of culminating project will be used? Portfolios? Journals? Reports? Presentation?

By its nature, non-traditional teaching and learning involves unusual experiences on- or off-campus, which might require legal agreements between Georgia State University and collaborative organizations, or might introduce new risks to our faculty, staff or students. To launch conversations about legal affairs and risk management, we designed a survey with key questions about course-based activities you may be considering. The intent is not to discourage creative approaches to education, but to ensure that faculty, staff and students are protected. Feel free to inquire about any of the questions or for consultation in legal affairs and risk management at the University. Click here to begin the survey. To preview the survey click here.

If you have a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) or agreement already in place with any outside entity, then please attach it to the form, as directs. Draft MOAs are acceptable. If an MOA will be required, but is not yet drafted, be ready to describe the entities and agreements to be arranged. If several MOAs are in place, please prepare to upload all of those available.

Designating existing courses as Signature Experience

If you believe your course or one taught in your department should be designated as Signature Experience, please let us know! First, check out the existing course list on the Courses page. If the course is not listed there, then email with the course number and title, course description, description of the experiential learning component, student learning outcomes directly related to the experiential learning component, description of final product, and a copy of the syllabus, if possible.

Process for Creating a New Signature Experience Course

Most new signature experience courses will be created through the traditional course approval process within your department and school. All faculty interested in creating or altering a course in order to include a signature experience component should initially contact the chair of the department for endorsement. When creating a signature experience component, it is important to realize there may be extra inherent risks depending on the type of experience added to the course. To help faculty be aware of and address risks, we have created the Legal Affairs and Risk Management (LARM) Survey. Please go to the Legal Affairs and Risk Management section to preview the survey. Once the survey is completed, if issues arise based on the LARM survey faculty will be contacted by the University-level Signature Experience team and a representative from LARM. If there are no issues, the course will continue through the school course approval process. Once a course is approved, please notify the Signature Experience team for documentation purposes before it goes into the catalog.