Annual Reports of faculty activity are required each year. They provide an opportunity for faculty members to showcase all their valuable contributions to the academic community. Signature Experience courses are especially valuable, so work on designing and teaching them should feature prominently in Annual Reports. Suggestions and examples for appropriate inclusion are provided below.

  • If you taught a Signature Experience course, highlight it under Teaching.
    • Scheduled Teaching should prepopulate with the courses you taught in the calendar year. Here you can describe new teaching elements in your course, new pedagogical innovations, non-traditional activities, and so on. You can also indicate which Goal of the Strategic Plan is targeted by this activity. All Signature Experience courses contribute to Goal 1, Initiative 3 (to establish a Signature Experience program). Some Signature Experience courses will also address other goals, e.g. Research addresses Goal 2, Arts, City, and Service courses address Goal 4, and Global experiences address Goal 5.
  • Other ways to report Signature Experience-related activities.
    • If you partnered with an external organization, enter it under External Connections and Partnerships.
    • If you attended a workshop on developing Signature Experiences, enter it under Faculty Development Activities Attended.
    • If you interviewed with the Signature Experiences program and were featured on our website (or others), enter it under Media Contributions.
    • If your students’ work culminated in a public performance or exhibit, enter it under Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits.
    • If you and your students made significant contributions to a service organization in metro-Atlanta or beyond, enter it under Service-Public.

To view a sample annual report entry please click on image below.

Fig 1. Annual report entry